The Gioscaff Credo:
“Think Safety – Work Safely”

The safety of Gioscaff employees, your employees and contractors is the primary driving force of Gioscaff in the design and provision of access solutions.

Gioscaff's commitment to safety

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Gioscaff has a commitment to safety, in that, Our scaffolders require Gioscaff employees to make sound choices about their own safety and the safety of others by requiring them to apply the Gioscaff safety program “Think Safety – Work Safely” at all times.

The “Think Safety – Work Safely” regime underpins the workplace protocol on every Gioscaff work site.

Gioscaff employs the Work Health and Safety Plan and the Scaffolding and Working at Heights Protocol and Application, both of which can be provided to you upon request. The Plan and Protocol embrace, in great detail, each and every safety protocol in all and every aspect of the work undertaken by Gioscaff employees. Our scaffolders are committed to providing first rate safety standards and are aware of all legal obligations surrounding scaffolding work.  

Gioscaff prepares, provides and implements a Safe Work Method Statement (“SWMS”) for each and every job notwithstanding its size or lack of complexity, creating the maximum protection for Gioscaff employees, your employees and contractors, and any other person or persons entering, using or working on the scaffold or access equipment provided by Gioscaff to you.

All our operations are compliant with:

  • Fair Work Act 2009
  • Corporations Act 2001
  • Work, Health and Safety (National Uniform Legislation) Act 2011
  • Work, Health and Safety Regulations 2011
  • Information and Privacy Act 2000

In designing a purpose-built scaffold, Gioscaff provides:


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Site inspection

The Gioscaff team can advise you on access to your job site and the elements necessary to erect a safe, cost-effective and purpose-built scaffolding.

Site specific access advice

Once the Gioscaff team has had a look at the site, we will give you the site’s specific access advice.


The Gioscaff scaffolders team will give you a detailed, no obligation, quotation for the cost of erection, hire and dismantling of scaffold.