Professional and Reliable Access Solutions

Can I erect my own scaffolding, or do I need to be certified?

You can erect your own scaffolding, if it is under 4 metres in height. Above 4 metres, the work must be undertaken by the holder of a scaffolding high-risk work license. This covers all aspects of the scaffolding including assembly, erection, dismantling and adjustment.

Gioscaff employees are trained to erect and dismantle scaffolding and to install and operate access equipment. The Gioscaff employees have been inducted for specialised tasks, for example, working adjacent to high voltage electricity and in confined spaces.

Which locations do you service?

Gioscaff provides safe, efficient and cost-effective access solutions to building and construction sites in New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria.

Can you offer advice on site access alternatives?

Gioscaff provides to you a free service, providing advice as to site access alternatives available to you, and will visit your work site where necessary to do so. This is a free service to assist you to get the best possible access solution for your work force and materials.

Do you dismantle the scaffolding once the job is finished?

Yes. Where scaffolding is the cost-effective access solution, Gioscaff will design, erect, maintain, support and dismantle the scaffold in a professional and timely manner.  

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How do you consider safety in your jobs?

Gioscaff managers live and breathe “Think Safety – Work Safely”.

The safety of Gioscaff employees, your employees and contractors, and the general public is at the centre of all that is Gioscaff. 

Gioscaff, in providing its services, will design a work safe strategy in protection of your employees and contractors and the public generally in the creation of a protected work site to provide the best, most efficient and cost-effective access solution, to protect the public and other workers during the use of the scaffold, and its erection and dismantling.

Do you offer other access equipment for hire?

Yes. Where swing stages, mast crawlers, cherry pickers, cranes or other access equipment provide the efficient and cost-effective access solution, Gioscaff will hire, provide, install and operate this access equipment.

What other services do you offer?

The range of Gioscaff products and services include…

  • the hire and sale of all scaffolding equipment;
  • the provision of modular scaffold, tubing and fitting scaffolds, hung scaffold;
  • the provision of specialised scaffolding for industrial purposes, for example, KenKage;
  • the design, scope of works and methodology to be applied for the erection of specialised scaffold for confined spaces;
  • the provision of stair towers;
  • the design, scope of works and methodology to be applied for the provision of propping and supporting systems;
  • the preparation, provision and implementation of Safe Work Method Statements (“SWMS”) creating the maximum protection for Gioscaff employees, your employees and contractors and any persons entering, using, working upon or around the scaffold;
  • the provision of internal bird cages; and
  • the implementation of the scaffold tag protocol as set out in the Gioscaff's Health and Safety Management Plan, “Think Safety – Work Safely”.