Gioscaff hires and sells access equipment throughout New South Wales, Queensland, Northern Territory and Victoria.

For example, one of Gioscaff Scaffolding’s sister companies, GioWell Equipment Sales Pty Ltd, imports the most sophisticated German building and construction access equipment that compliments the access solutions available to the Gioscaff client.

Easy Lift Hire Pty Ltd, another Gioscaff scaffolding‘s sister company, provides alternative access opportunities to Gioscaff clients by way of its range of lifts and cranes that can get into the tightest job site and make the introduction of materials and job site access a ‘breeze’.

Every job size, the most complicated, those requiring sophisticated design are all the ‘bag’ for Gioscaff.

In designing a purpose-built scaffold, Gioscaff provides:


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Site inspection

The Gioscaff team can advise you on access to your job site and the elements necessary to erect a safe, cost-effective and purpose-built scaffolding.

Site specific access advice

Once the Gioscaff team has had a look at the site, we will give you the site’s specific access advice.


The Gioscaff team will give you a detailed, no obligation, quotation for the cost of erection, hire and dismantling of scaffold.