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Our History

The patron of Gioscaff is Claudio Giovenco. Claudio’s oldest brother, Bonaventura (“Bon”) was captured by the Australian Army in Egypt while serving in the Italian Army in World War II and brought to Australia as a prisoner of war.

claudio gievenco

After being repatriated, Bon, his wife, Maria, and their daughter, returned to Australia as Italian immigrants. A short time later, Arturo (“Arthur”), Gaitano (“Guy”), Vittorio (“Vic”) and the youngest brother, Claudio, joined him with their parents in Australia. 

The brothers sought work and took (at that time) the worst of jobs, blasting and painting at a time when OH&S regulations protecting employees were “light on the ground”. The brothers created a very successful business, Giovenco Industries (Aust) Pty Ltd.

In Gary Lester’s history of the Kurnell Refinery “Refining at Kurnell: The Caltex Story”, pages 120 and 121 are dedicated to the Giovenco brothers.

The business was sold in 2015 and Claudio, from that date, has no association whatsoever with that business nor does Gioscaff.

Claudio has outlived his four other brothers.

Claudio brings to Gioscaff 60 years of on the job experience in undertaking the most complex of scaffolding projects and access solutions worldwide.

The safety of his employees has been a passion for Claudio and that passion continues today as the patron of Gioscaff.

That passion for safety is imbued within the corporate philosophy of Gioscaff.  

they came to paint

Long Term Onsite Experience – Meet the Gioscaff Team


Business Development

leon kelly

New South Wales Manager

richard bilsland

Queensland and Northern Territory Manager

Don MacKinnon


Client Communication and Public Relations

Margaret Sharp brings to the Gioscaff team a history of client communication and public relations experience.

Margaret undertakes the role of client communication and public relations and will interact with clients and their employees as and when necessary in order to make certain that Gioscaff delivers on time, on cost and in excess of the client’s expectations.

Margaret is the eldest daughter of our patron.

Contact details:, 1300 576 744

margaret sharp